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1. Name: Mail without IP, City: http://yiinoma.da.ru
Home page: http://yiinoma.da.ru

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01:56, 09.07.2004

2. Name: chris, City: lille
Home page: http://www.mylinea.com/olive/

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03:34, 17.04.2003

3. Name: ggjkg, City: kkm

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15:32, 09.03.2003

4. Name: Lovis
Home page: http://www.andypioneer.com

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05:13, 20.12.2002

5. Name: pawel, City: warszawa

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09:33, 27.11.2002

6. Name: euroboy

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12:06, 09.08.2002

7. Name: Mario Rodriguez, City: Ihrhove
Home page: http://members.aol.com/Rodri2/ario.html

Comments: Greetings from Germany.

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16:21, 08.08.2002

8. Name: don, City: us
Home page: http://www.personalsites.com

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20:53, 27.05.2002

9. Name: 

16:23, 18.05.2002

10. Name: max wild, City: zьrich

Comments: I like your children picture!
20:33, 15.05.2002

11. Name: Harold and Leslie Terrell, City: Memphis, Tennessee

Comments: We love the Indian photos!
09:20, 24.03.2002

12. Name: michael weitzel, City: helena, mt. US

Comments: i respect you for your efforts and take pride in you.

never have i seen a more moving peice. thank you.
23:16, 18.03.2002

13. Name: BL, City: Tallinn

Comments: Чо ты паришь? Если у тебя изображение ребенка вызывает такую реакцию, может у тебя с головой не все в порядке?
14:40, 11.03.2002

14. Name: NEO[stb], City: Moscow

Comments: Педфилы !!! БЛоверами и не пахнет ... забугровые мудилы.
17:57, 10.03.2002

15. Name: Unnati, City: Mumbai,Maharashtra,India

Comments: Can't tell you how much I like it in a letter.Simply marvellous.
14:46, 09.03.2002

16. Name: reni, City: kochi,kerala,india

Comments: site is very nice,send me some cute kids pictures between 6 months & 3 yrs
14:39, 05.03.2002

17. Name: BQ > Netcop

Comments: That's exactly what I do, in contrast to You - browsing such pages.
19:40, 27.02.2002

18. Name: NetCop

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19:18, 27.02.2002

19. Name: dipa, City: kolkata

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01:54, 21.02.2002

20. Name: Ernesto Rodriguez, City: Valparaiso

Comments: I cannot enter your photogallery
23:11, 17.02.2002

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