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51. Name: BadGuy DUO, City: Home page:

Comments: strzelam, ?e tu ma byж komentarz ;]]
fajna stronka. ciekawa. pierwszy raz odwiedzam rosyjsko-angielsko-polsk witrynк :]]. powodzenia w prowadzeniu. fan z polski.
05:16, 08.06.2004

52. Name: Nick Mercury, City: Lonely Queen Fan
Home page:

Comments: Hi,

Great page, my fav cartoon is the "Driven By You" Clip. Also loved the MP3's.. Keep Rocking.

03:31, 14.05.2004

53. Name: Hubert B?aszczyk, City: POLAND ?ary

Comments: привёт
Witam nazywam sie hubert i uwielbiam QUEEN pod kazdym wzgledem. Oby tak dalej bo strona jest ca?kiem dobra:D.
19:46, 12.05.2004

54. Name: Fuad, City: Baku

Comments: Prosto super!Prodoljay v takom je duxe!
Freddie bil bi rad,uvidev eto!
22:41, 26.04.2004

55. Name: daga
Home page:

Comments: Ciekawa strona. filmiki i mp3 Ibex!!! Good site.Film and mp3 Ibex. I put link on my site for your site. PS.I learn russian :) paka
01:32, 20.04.2004

56. Name: Sue
Home page:

Comments: great site ! my russian is too poor but i keep on learning !

09:36, 19.04.2004

57. Name: Ken, City: Queen Corner
Home page:

Comments: Yes,I can put your link on my page but you should put my link on your page too!see ya Ken
02:21, 16.04.2004

58. Name: "Deacon's 1st Choice"

Comments: Greeting to all fans of Queen!! I send all of you the warmest wishes from the East Coast of the USA!! August has done a nice job on her site here...don't you think? I enjoy Queen very much and Brian + John are quite special to me!! Long live Queen!!!
11:39, 15.04.2004

59. Name: Zbyszek
Home page:

Comments: Fajna strona. Ciekawe rzeczy mozna tu znalezc, rzadkie mp3. I zolty jest OK - podoba mi si? :)
09:20, 14.04.2004

60. Name: Kato

Comments: ahhh... te kolory... oczy bola
06:06, 10.04.2004

Total records: 104
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