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21. Name: Franz Nolte, City: gцttingen

Comments: Dear Sergei, great pictures!!!
21:09, 26.05.2006

22. Name: Jorge Amely, City: Simi Valley, California

Comments: Good job, great graphics !!!
06:47, 10.04.2006

23. Name: Phill, City: Basel Swiss

Comments: Congratulations, love your site!
Never knew that there where so many different models.
Greetings from Switzerland

18:01, 25.01.2006

24. Name: Sorian, City: Ft Worth

Comments: Good job, love the site.
15:34, 10.10.2005

25. Name: Donald E Niman, City: Peoria, AZ, USA

Comments: Greetings from USA!

Your site is obviously a labor of love and I find it fascinating. Excellent work. Thank you very much!
00:13, 08.10.2005

26. Name: Maciej Syslo, City: Wroclaw, Poland

Comments: Sergiej,
Great website! Thanks. I sent you an e-mail, but I am not sure
if you have got it. I asked about pictures of some of your
calculators for my posters.
Best regards, Maciej
PS. Your e-mail address is shown to be not correct.
23:04, 14.08.2005

27. Name: Mark Brown, City: Bedford, England

Comments: What a great site! I also collect calculators, mostly LED poclket calcuators, I only have about 50 right now.
20:06, 05.07.2005

28. Name: Marco

Comments: Hi Sergei, I really like your site. Just slided in here, really interesting infos :-) Just keep at it!
03:10, 31.12.2004

29. Name: OD

Comments: I live in Paris and like your website. Thanks for the good information and entertainment. Keep up this great resource. Best greetings
04:39, 09.09.2004

30. Name: Alex

Comments: Very nice website i'd like to discover it
10:28, 01.09.2004

31. Name: Tanja, City: Hannover

Comments: Здравствуйте.
ваш сайт очень понравился. прекрасно органиованная навигация, интересный материал. получила большое удовольствие. давно не видела таких удобных и интересных сайтов.
успехов вам и дальше! :)
01:14, 14.07.2004

32. Name: Herbert Schneemann, City: Stade - Germany

Comments: congratulation to your site and collection.
tried to send you an e-mail, but frs@[nospam]
was rejected as no valid e-mail address.
can you pls send me a correct one

00:22, 06.02.2004

33. Name: Wang, City: Beijing

Comments: Thanks from a new collector of mechanical calculators, thank you very much for the excelent page. Among the so many calculators pages, it is good to find someone with a very strong accent. I wish we could get in touch.
16:53, 15.01.2004

34. Name: Wayne Stephens, City: Rixeyville VA USA

Comments: I enjoyed looking around on your site. It is very informative. I have recently purchased an MK52 and an MK61 and am awaiting delivery. I look forward to using them. I am also interested in a B3-34 if anyone has one for sale at a reasonable price. Thanks again.

07:23, 04.01.2004

35. Name: Shankar, City: KL

Comments: Hi, I bought a Casio-82TL in Malaysia for just US$4. I think it's a fake. But it works fine. Just wondering how they could sell it so cheap.
12:25, 04.12.2003

36. Name: Петарда

Comments: Хороший сайт! Спасибо Вам!
00:21, 19.09.2003

37. Name: Melody, City: Hong Kong

Comments: A good site of those old Calculators!
I'm glad that I found this site.
I'm from Hong Kong Association of Calculator Technology but sorry that the site is in chinese only
01:51, 09.08.2003

38. Name: Melody, City: Hong Kong

Comments: Where do you get the fake Casio fx-82TL and fx-3600Pv. I'm really interested.
Also "Sign" mistyped as "Sing my guestbook" .
01:49, 09.08.2003

39. Name: Reisen

Comments: Greetings from Bavaria!
22:47, 20.07.2003

40. Name: Nadine Klein, City: Darmstadt/DE

Comments: I like these russian pages!
10:48, 25.06.2003

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