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384. Name: Tim M'Intyre, City: Perth

Comments: I strongly agree with WD Shipmans' comments. I've been searching the net for a long time now and cannot find a single 1/48 Sopwith Pup kit to purchase! Please, please re-issue your discontinued Pup, or better still, take heed of WD Shipmans' advice.
22:12, 25.10.2008

383. Name: Alain Proteau, City: Hurst, TX

Comments: Dear Roden,

Thank you for your 1/48 and 1/32 scale kits.

I would want to see in 1/32 scale the Macchi M.5,
Hansa-Brandenburg W.18,
Phonix D.I and D.II, Sopeith Pup, Sopwith Triplane and Sopwith Snipe,
Halberstadt D.2, DeHavilland DH-2, Junkers D.1

In 1/48 scale I would want to see the Albatros C.1,
Rumpler C.V.

In 1/35 scale please consider some WW-1 armored cars such as the
Rolls-Royce and the Austin-Putilov.

In 1/72 why not consider doing the Staaken R.VI float plane version?

Best regards,

17:33, 06.10.2008

382. Name: W M Shipman, City: Baltimore, MD USA

Comments: Roden model kits are great and the speed at which they are released is amazing. The kits are consistently an enjoyable project. I hope that Roden will produce models of the Sopwith Pup in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scales. Models in the same scales of the Nieuport 17bis would also be very welcome. Thank you and best wishes for all future success
21:43, 30.09.2008

381. Name: Dr. Michael J. Ewing, Phd, MBA, City: Brighton, MI

Comments: I have been constructing model aircraft for over 40 years. The Roden Albatross D.III is unconditionally the best WWI aircraft model I have seen. It is the only model which I have built several times just because of the quality of the model itself. The detail is fantastic, right down to the internal motor mounting structure, and the kit is 100% plastic (none of the super-glue-required resins or micro-etched impossible-to-work-with parts we are seeing in less desirable kits these days). Would Roden please consider very early WWI planes in 1/32, and perhaps WWI Bombers in 1/32? There is only one very tiny Gotha on the market that I can see, and it was really to small a scale for the subject. 1/32 would be excellent with the commensurate detail possible. Again, thanks for a GREAT JOB on the Albatross D.III! (Please include a pilot next time though, ok?) :-)Best regards,
Mike Ewing
00:30, 26.09.2008

380. Name: Pawel Krukowski, City: Wroclaw, Poland

Comments: Helo!
It's a really nice job you do, especially the 1/32 scale WW I airplanes - thats the best scale for this subject. If I could make a suggestion: It would be great if you would release Oeffag Albatroses: D.II and the D.III Oef. - at least the 253. series in 1/32. (also a Fokker D.VII and Ansaldo A.1 Balilla :) )
19:18, 02.09.2008

379. Name: John R. Mueller, City: Troy, Illinois

Comments: Please produce the Abatross DVa, the most famous Albatross, in 1/32nd
20:04, 31.08.2008

378. Name: Kevan Vogler, City: Brno, Czech Republic

Comments: Its nice to see a company taking WWI seriously and making kits of subjects from the era with a modern approach and detail.

I would really like to see a Sopwith Triplane in 1/72. The world wouldn't know what a Fokker Dr.1 was if it were not for the Sopwith Triplane. I hope you will consider one for future releases.
15:13, 27.04.2008

377. Name: Dave Palmer, City: Southend

Comments: Excellent 1/32 scale WW1 kits, keep up the great work, may I make a few suggestions for 1/32 scale a long overdue Fokker D.V11,Sopwith Camel and a Bristol Fighter, I'm sure that they would be very popular
23:45, 26.03.2008

376. Name: Richard Bethell, City: Ottawa, Canada

Comments: There is a restored RAF BE2c at the Canada Aviation Museum here in Ottawa.

Follow this link:

Check in 'Image Bank' for pictures of the restoration.
02:22, 08.03.2008

375. Name: William Oldham, City: Tucson

Comments: I think the H-16 is one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built. The high aspect wings remind me of a sailplane. I want to build a 96" model for the local air museum, but can't seam to find any good drawings or documentation. In your opinion, would this kit be sufficient for the task? Are there any drawings or photos in the instructions to help in that area? Thank you, Bill Oldham
Tucson, Az.
05:29, 28.02.2008

374. Name: Alex Kulic, City: Paris
Home page:

Comments: Fantastic kits! Would love to see BE2a/c, FE2 in 1/72 and perhaps some Russian types like Anatra Anasol and Sikorsky S-16? Keep up the great work!
16:31, 26.02.2008

373. Name: John Gibson, City: Baltimore

Comments: Please update the 1/72 in processing section. Many of us would love to know what will be available in 2008.

Thanks you.
17:41, 22.02.2008

372. Name: Dave Innes, City: Brisbane

Comments: Thank you for the excellent DH 4! It fills another gap in the 1/48 WW1 aircraft lineup. Any chance of a U.S Airmail DH 4 with the Liberty engine? Or a FE 2? Looking forward to the DH 9. Again, excellent subjects.
06:30, 23.01.2008

371. Name: ***

Comments: Merry Christmas!!!
16:27, 19.12.2007

370. Name: Timothy Swisher, City: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: I love building WW I aircraft in 1/32nd, and your models are excellent. Just finished the Albatros D. III. I Am excited and looking forward to the release of the 1/32nd SPAD 7. Keep up the great work.
22:21, 18.11.2007

369. Name: Andrew, City: Roeselare

Comments: I'm new to modeling and I bought my first plane from Roden - it looks awesome and am eager to put it together and paint it.

Keep up the great work Roden!

15:44, 22.10.2007

368. Name: Серый, City: Тольятти

Comments: В 48-м новинки аж душу радуют, но когда Вы все это сделаете в 72-м? Ведь многие продолжают работать ТОЛЬКО в 72-м масштабе!!!!
23:17, 15.10.2007

367. Name: Harold K, City: Stratford, CT USA

Comments: I hope you have not completely abandoned 1/72 aircraft other than WW I types. Specifically, I had hoped to see a He 111F to go along with your excellent A, B and E which I have.
20:03, 25.09.2007

366. Name: Marc Agnel, City: france

Comments: Thanks for your outstanding WWI models. I am very glad to see that you plan a Spad VII 1/32. I expect a SPAD XIII 1/48 too !


21:53, 10.09.2007

365. Name: Neale Dewar, City: Lincoln

Comments: After a very long wait, it is great to see the Camel Comic due for release next month. I hope that you'll be adding more 1/72 WW1 subjects to 'In Processing' soon, such as the Nieuport 28 and Bristol F2B Arab which have already been released in 1/48, and the DH4 and DH9 which you must already have GAs for and could 'down scale'.

22:35, 20.07.2007

364. Name: John Gibson, City: Hamilton

Comments: When will there be an update to the 1/72 "in processing" section? I hope we will see a 1/72 scale BE2c, Sopwith Pup, Nieuport 24 and Albatros CV/17. Thanks

17:10, 14.05.2007

363. Name: Donald Anderson, City: OKC, OK

Comments: Just received your BE2c. Wonderful kit! Thanks for putting it out.
Now, any chance you could sell print copies of your box art?
05:27, 06.05.2007

362. Name: William Orazi

Comments: I have made 3 attempts to send to your website email,none of which were deliverable. What is your correct email address?
00:01, 10.04.2007

361. Name: Антон П., City: г. Москва

Comments: ?Роден?! Спасибо Тебе (персонифицирую на сей раз Ваш коллектив в одном лице) за новые прекрасные модели. И особенно ? за вариант окраски ?Паквагена? в войсках РОА. Я даже не надеялся уже, что хоть какая-то фирма сделает копию техники в 72-м во Власовском варианте, ибо боятся, как чорт ладана, этой темы. Этим ПОСТУПКОМ, сделавшимся несомненным сюрпризом для меня, Вы ещё раз подтвердили свою высочайшую репутацию ведущей модельной фирмы. Какой же сильный контраст между Вами и пугливыми компаниями, которые замалёвывают свастики на килях германских самолётов, или, подобно ?Звезде?, переименовывают набор ?Солдаты СС? в безликую и смешную ?Немецкую штурмовую группу?! Вы помогаете нам детально, без изъятий и ?запретных? тем, восстанавливать историю наших стран, наших народов, и я не перестаю восхищаться Вашей работой. Может, для ПАК-40 дадите (среди прочих) вариант ?Галичины?, т.к. про них часто упоминают воспоминания участников боя под Бродами?
Ну и за самолёты отдельное спасибо. Наконец-то мы увидели (в 32-м), что скрывается под капотом ?Эс-и-файфа?:) Наконец-то появился разведчик/лёгкий бомбер начала Великой войны! В общем, одни положительные эмоции?
Спасибо Александру за присланный значок ?Роден?. И вправду, собрал и окрасил весь ассортимент Вашей компании (стоит дома и радует глаз)
14:53, 06.04.2007

360. Name: Ian McGregor, City: Moe

Comments: I have tried sending two emails re. dealer info and both the mail and designer links return mail undeliverable.
Can you please email me with a address that works so I can send my emails to you.
10:32, 31.03.2007

359. Name: F. Riga, City: Genval, Belgium

Comments: More 1/72 scale models please: what about a SVA5, Ni28, Caproni bomber etc...?
Good job!
22:53, 11.03.2007

358. Name: Patrick McDermott, City: Baltimore

Comments: Please continue with 1/72 scale model aeroplanes. A model of the Sopwith Pup and Nieuport 24 would be appreciated. 1/72 scale 2- seaters such as the BE-2c, Albatros CVII and Nieuport 12 would also be popular. Thank you for such great kits.
17:37, 21.02.2007

357. Name: Kerry Brunner, City: Merrill, WI

Comments: Great kits ... I would encourage you to produce WWI Tanks and Armoured Cars too ~ in 1/35th scale!
04:05, 04.02.2007

356. Name: Donald Anderson, City: OKC

Comments: Love your kits! Eagerly anticipating your Be.2, DH.9 and DH.4. Keep up the good work!
03:35, 04.02.2007

355. Name: Juan Carlos Santisteban Nogales, City: Tomares
Home page:

Comments: Hi!. I bought my first Roden kit, yours reference 408 Gloster Gladiator MkI. It's a little wonderful plane. It's remarkable the quality of moulds, the detail is great. Thanks for this plane. Good Work, Best regards from Spain
14:48, 02.02.2007

354. Name: Jan M Visser, City: Zoetermeer / Holland

Comments: Today I bought my first Roden kit, the An-12BK PPS.
Very much surprised about the high detailing quality, stunning I must say. Nice decal sheet.
Keep you informed about the building itself.
22:21, 24.01.2007

353. Name: Martin K, City: Vancouver

Comments: Please keep up with all the great work.
12:20, 05.01.2007

352. Name: Ross Moorhouse, City: Sydney
Home page:

Comments: Could someone from Roden please follow the below link to read how bad the 32nd Se5a is being recieved due how bad the mouldings are for this kit....

Are Roden willing to correct this? As they have done on the incorrect number of ribs in the 48th Se5a.
00:24, 01.01.2007

351. Name: Gary Ducsson

Comments: Juat bought 1:32 Fokker Dr.I
I gotta say it's great.
Altough I gotta say that instructions were sometimes a bit difficult to see how some pieces were supposed to place.

But as I said, it's GREAT!!
Please make more WWI planes in 1:32 scale
08:59, 10.12.2006

350. Name: Dave Palmer, City: Souithend

Comments: The 1/32 Albatros is very very nice. I am really looking forward to the release of the 1/32 SE5a. Keep up the great work and more WW1 1/32 please, suggestions how about a Bristol Fighter and Fokker D.V11.
23:26, 02.12.2006

349. Name: John Gibson, City: Hamilton

Comments: Your company has done a great job producing kits in multiple scales, but I hope that you will not forget 1/72 scale. Please consider producing a kit of the Sopwith Pup and Halberstadt DV. Good luck in 2007!
17:53, 29.11.2006

348. Name: Peter Young, City: Cambridge, UK

Comments: The new Fokker F.I does not feature the correct, distinctive cowling type and the only difference between this kit and your DR.I appears to be the decal sheet. This is VERY disappointing!
17:43, 24.10.2006

347. Name: Антон П., City: г.Москва

Comments: Спешу снова высказать благодарность коллективу "Родена" за всё то, что они делают.
Ваша работа, господа - ценнейший вклад в наглядное изучение Великой войны и прилежащего к ней периода.
Очень благодарен за невероятно подробные и увлекательные машины в 32-м. Жду новых сюрпризов:)
11:44, 23.10.2006

346. Name: Ross Moorhouse, City: Sydney Australia
Home page:

Comments: When can we expect to see what is going to be next released?
Thank you.
01:02, 19.10.2006

345. Name: Bullo Loris, City: Olivone (Ticino) - CH

Comments: Hi to everybody,

I bought 15 models of Roden (1/72, all WWI aircrafts), I like so much this kits, I have an idea for Roden, what do you think to make the Ansaldo A1, the first fghter of Italy (WWI), I know that this aircraft was very important, I think for exemple the mission of Gabriele D'Annunzio over Wien,...; I attend your repond, I hope you understand my idea.

Best regards.

Bullo Loris
17:40, 19.09.2006

344. Name: William Mathias, City: Baltimore

Comments: I am looking forward to the 1/32 scale Albatros DIII. It looks like I'll have to get a bigger display case! Please consider producing a model of the Sopwith Pup in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 as well. Wouldn't that be great.
23:46, 07.09.2006

343. Name: Tony Shephard, City: Lancashire, UK

Comments: I'd love to see Roden produce artillery pieces and ground vehicles from the Great War period. They're sorely under-represented in injection form and Roden's skills would reproduce them brilliantly.
13:56, 06.09.2006

342. Name: John, City: LOS ANGELES
Home page:

Comments: Cool site :)
20:13, 31.08.2006

341. Name: Joe Francis, City: Inverness, FL, USA

Comments: A Meikraft Caproni Ca.3 just sold for $150 on E-Bay! Please consider adding this model to your excellent line of Gotha bomber kits.
06:26, 31.08.2006

340. Name: carlos fernandez ruiz, City: madrid

Comments: Don?t you think to make some airplane of the Hispanics CASA?
The C-235 and the C-295 are in a lot of NATO?s air forces
Thank you

13:58, 30.08.2006

339. Name: Сергей, City: Москва
Home page:

Comments: Отличный сайт! Оцените и Вы мой - Работу и заработок в интернете Вы найдете на этом сайте
12:15, 27.08.2006

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20:36, 21.08.2006

337. Name: Flora, City: Kansas City
Home page:

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22:01, 07.08.2006

336. Name: Bob McCoy, City: Atlanta Georgia

Comments: Love your line of 1:72 WWI aircraft!
03:43, 06.08.2006

335. Name: Konstantin Lenzke, City: Berlin

Comments: Hello, great job so far, I frequently enjoyed your 72nd scale models. But what about the backbone of WWI aviation, what about the C-class aircraft, the BEs, FEs, REs...? I'd be glad to see some of them in the future.
Best regards, K. Lenzke.
02:54, 04.08.2006

Total records: 484
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