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51. Name: Лена
Home page: http://aupair-jobs.com

Comments: Работа в Европе - http://www.aupair-jobs.com
14:04, 18.12.2006

50. Name: Joel Machakaire, City: Broklyn Park. MN

Comments: hey Yuriy, haven't seen or heard from you in ages and was just visiting the old webpages... hoped you would have added more... getting complacent are you? hope you are cool and fine.. Come visit here in the USA
03:24, 10.02.2005

49. Name: ballroom-casino.com, City: New York
Home page: http://www.ballroom-casino.com

Comments: online casino
09:15, 13.09.2004

48. Name: Anna, City: Kyiv

Comments: Haven't heard from you - I really am curious about what is going on in your life.
01:08, 24.06.2004

47. Name: Oleh, City: Warsaw
Home page: http://www.css.edu.pl/~odyachen/My_web/

Comments: hey, so it is still cold in DK, huh
23:28, 21.03.2003

46. Name: Oleg Dyachenko, City: Currently Warsaw
Home page: http://http://www.geocities.com/olegdia/Index.html

Comments: Hey! I have not seen for you for ages and glad to discover that you are doing very well. BEST!
21:46, 15.11.2002

45. Name: Edgar Nezomba, City: Mutare

Comments: wakapenga
21:32, 13.11.2002

44. Name: Scratch, City: Ternopil
Home page: http://scratcha.tk

Comments: well. thats no good point to say "ur page suxx" if urs no better. i will not then. i dont really have time to update my fuckin homepage, and this really suxx. nevertheless i have a lot of new pics from Frankfurt. i hope to publish them asap, for now just go to www.geocities.com/sergio_easy if u r REALLY interested in sein them.

hm... thats it.
23:13, 27.09.2002

43. Name: Franch call me Basille

Comments: well this site sucks. just like that. mainly because i have not seen even a single picture of dear and beloved me. well, anyway this site is good for only one reason - once in a while you just come here to get rid of all the negative energy you collected from all over the place around. just, if you are pissed of with your neighbourhood, your job sucks, all the girls you have met today are not fuckable at all, and you have not seen real hot babes licking each other for ages - well you are welcome to this site. tell the CONSTRUCTOR what you think of this site and you feel better.. i guess.. well, i do fell better now. thank you, Yura. yura- vydatna figura (tsej strybok do zirok z Bojkonura...) but this site sucks anyway. just read it again and you will see why.

have a nice time, reading, Yura....

Yuriy: Thanx for the unbiased review! LOL
23:42, 16.08.2002

42. Name: EUROFILAN, City: Ternopil
Home page: http://eurofilan.tk

Comments: Hi there! Thanx that you visited my web-site... Sure, I`ll put links but I don`t know WHEN:) I`ll be updating my site from time to time... wish you all the BEST, and don`t forget about your friends:)

Yuriy: Let it be sooner rather than later. Last your update already dates back 2 months. Not saying that I am doing much better than that, but anyway... :)
18:44, 21.07.2002

41. Name: .....:::scratch:::....., City: hm...
Home page: http://www.ukraine-online.tk

Comments: heh..... precious "state-of-the-art" piece of shit.... LOL... kiddin'

PS. sunovabitch, stay cool, Mr. Master Dragonito-Dekabritto :D

Yuriy: yeah, yeah, yeah
19:52, 19.07.2002

40. Name: Sam Znaesh, City: Ternopil
Home page: http://www.ukraine-online.tk

Comments: hm.... dats no good not having news...

Yuriy: as you wish, Master!
18:58, 22.06.2002

39. Name: Isidor Doskoch :-), City: Ternopil

Comments: Good work.
04:02, 22.03.2002

38. Name: Lilia, City: Ternopil

Comments: Привет!

Классная страница, особенно фотки.
00:50, 03.12.2001

37. Name: Ion (part 2), City: same
Home page: under construction

Comments: Links: You've got really cool links - maybe you can add some more later on.

Hot Issues: You've got a really interesting article. But I think you should also put something about Ukraine. I mean CAMMON! everybody is already sick of all this american stuff - we want to hear something about Ukraine now! :-)

About you: You made it really nice - strict, with basic information, but I think it would be a great idea to put your email address as a link - so that people can get in touch with you only by a single click :-)

Photo Album: I really like all your pictures! Its like taking a virtual tour of the USA, Ternopil, Yalta, Kiev and Estonia (but mostly USA of course).

Picture Navigation: I think you should do something with the links to the pictures from Ternopil, Yalta, Kiev, and Estonia, otherwise if you dont know that they are there, using a computer with a 800x600 screen resolution - you wont ever find out about them if you don't have this crazy idea of scrolling down :-).

I am jus

Yuriy: Thanks a ton for such a thorough review! :-) I hope to see your homepage shortly. C'mon, you can't spend all the time on your moldavian forum only... :-)
20:36, 01.12.2001

36. Name: Ion (part 1), City: Chisinau
Home page: being researched on

Comments: I'm not gonna start writing anything regarding how much I owe you, how much you helped me, and what a good friend you are - you know it :-) so I will just start criticizing your web-site :-)

Content: I really like it. You've got a little bit of everything, and everything you've got - is really cool and interesting.

Style: I think it's really stylish! :-) You keep to the main theme, its simple, and nice! The logo looks cool also - I bet you spent some time working on that!

Design: I really like the way you designed your navigation. The main frame that keeps the logo and the page links on it is a great idea/decision! The white background gives your site a sprit of severe-ness :-). But I think the dark blue background on the US pictures doesn't go really well with the white one from the main frame. Otherwise - Perfect!

HTML: Why wont you give a title to your web page? Change 'Untitled' to something else.

Navigation: Its simple, easy, and convenient. It's also perfect for people u
20:35, 01.12.2001

35. Name: Joel Machakaire, City: Mutare, Еrhus
Home page: http://joel360.tripod.com

Comments: Cant say much man, Thanks for giving me the motivation and tips when I was building my own page, Hope you have a great time in Ukraine and see you there soon, By the way, dont incite people to mess up my page, I will hack into yours and mess it up!! :-)
23:26, 27.11.2001

34. Name: Anna, City: Yalta

Comments: Really sweet... I will be visiting it to see how everything is going on. I usually love the "Photo Album" section the best. Cause I love pics! :)
16:57, 14.11.2001

33. Name: Radka, City: VIborg

Comments: Great, Yuriy!

I m more than impressed! That is a confirmation of my vision for you - YOU ARE A GENIUS!... It is not fair! Nature gives some people so many talents and, then getting tired of being generous, just forgets all the rest.:-)

Go ahead!

Vechna drujba!!
16:12, 14.11.2001

32. Name: Chriss Angelopoulos, City: Mannheim

Comments: Yo!! It looks good... I better check the anecdotes now!

00:19, 14.11.2001

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